Professional Membership

The Institute hopes to draw its members from multi-sectors using unique points system to access what each applicant has to offer in their various fields, including what they have practically done with social impacts, and achievements over the years.

Membership of the Institute is aimed at helping entrepreneurs, managers, community development practitioners, innovators, startups and individuals achieve, sustain and demonstrate the highest standards level of ethical professionalism. Ongoing membership of the Institute and participation in the Institute's programmes, courses and seminars can help individuals meet the initial and annual re-accreditation requirements of professional certification regimes, and support your organization in the fulfillment of its vision and purpose.

The Institute is approved by the Federal Minister of Education, incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and legally guaranteed by the Federal Ministry of Justice to confer eligible members with the professional designation in entrepreneurship, community development, management and innovation. We are here to help you attain highest standard of profession whether you are new in your career or as a qualified and experienced professional.

There are seven membership grades; a member’s grade depends on training, qualification, working experience and startup project.

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