Career Advise Centre

At Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development, we focus on helping our students and members achieve their goals and aspirations. In today’s information, entrepreneurial and knowledge-based economy, students and people come across challenges and hurdles in life where they do not know where to go or how to proceed best. Therefore, we envisaged that they need guidance, advisors, mentors, counselors and experts on the field to make their stand and focus on the journey.
Our Student Advisor Centre work is very easy, it is to bring suggestions, work and walk together with the students and members, establish sustainable approaches and help them envision a better career with their experiences, background, earned knowledge and technical/work-specific skills, functional and self-management skills they will also learn from the Institute. Furthermore, we have on ground private individuals, organizations, and government agencies to which they can link up with in order to encourage them to the best they can be.

Membership of the Institute is aimed at helping entrepreneurs, managers, community development practitioners, innovators, startups and individuals achieve, sustain and demonstrate the highest standards level of ethical professionalism. Ongoing membership of the Institute and participation in the Institute's programmes, courses and seminars can help individuals meet the initial and annual re-accreditation requirements of professional certification regimes, and support your organization in the fulfillment of its vision and purpose.

The Institute is approved by the Federal Minister of Education, incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and legally guaranteed by the Federal Ministry of Justice to confer eligible members with the professional designation in entrepreneurship, community development, management and innovation. We are here to help you attain highest standard of profession whether you are new in your career or as a qualified and experienced professional.

One of our core values is intuition, therefore we urge all our students and members to think within the box first in order to search out the missing link, think out of the box to see new opportunities and possibility, develop a sense of personal accountability and responsibility in making their own decisions. At Pan African Institute, we nurture ideas, promote individuality, open-mindedness and critical thinking; believing also that one individual can change the destiny of the collective.

Our Student Advisor Centre always ready to give necessary and impactful information to all student matters. On any matter of concern, please do send an email to the Advisor Centre, an advisor will be waiting to answer your question(s).

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