Membership Benefits

Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development Professional qualification and membership will give a concrete foundation for a career success in any field. Our tutors and trainers command over twenty years of experience, with this, we will impact knowledge and skills needed to develop and enhance your career and achieve your goals. In addition, you will be more employable and have better career prospects.

Benefits of becoming a member of our Institute and enrol in any of our programmes are enormous. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Get Skilled, Get Educated, Be Professionally Certified
  • Access to world-class information
  • Learn beyond certification in your field
  • Opportunity to become Accredited Skilled Partner)
  • Instant jobs with reputable private and public institutions after training
  • Increase in income while others work for you
  • Networking with enterprising and talented professionals in all areas of business, and public sector
  • Members who are available for consulting can publicize their services free of charge
  • Opportunity to receive first-hand career advice
  • Sharpen your ability to work in an information, entrepreneurial, and knowledge-based economy
  • Members gain comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship and community development practices
  • Discount on all available resources and certification courses
  • And many more


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