The Institute hopes to draw its members from multi-sectors using unique points system to access what each applicant has to offer in their various fields, including what they have practically done with social impacts, and achievements over the years. There are seven membership grades; a member’s grade depends on training, qualification, working experience and startup project. You can download the membership application through the membership page or complete an online registration form. All fees including membership application, courses, induction and training must be through our Bank Account.

Simple Process to Complete the Membership Application

Step 1: Pay Membership/Application fee to the Institute's Account.
Step 2: Complete an online membership application via MEMBERSHIP FORM.
Step 3: Upload one (1) recent passport photograph and current CV in 1 file (pdf or jpg).
Step 4: Wait for the Institute Reviewing Committee to review your application. We will get in touch within 15 working days.
Step 5: Participate in our induction and Professional Development Training.
Step 6: Be part of the Institute's Family.


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