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The Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development express its appreciation to all our esteemed members and partners. After a careful review of our programmes, the Governing Council resolved as follows:

1. The deadline for Direct Membership Opportunity into the Institute membership programme is 31st of December, 2022:

a. Interested individual who wish to become professional member of the Institute should do so before the deadline.

b. All existing members who wish to upgrade their membership must complete the membership upgrade process on or before 31st of December, 2022.

c. Those who wish to maintain their membership level should ensure to pay their annual dues up-to-date beginning from the date of induction. Members should contact the Director, Membership Services through: icedafrican@gmail.com for details about how to pay their dues.

2. As from January 1, 2023, to become a member of the Institute or upgrade your membership, you must undergo the following programmes and pass the required examinations in addition to attending the Institute’ Annual Conference: two (2) seminars/workshops and submit a project/idea worked on within the programme year:
i. Certificate Level (I) - Beginner
ii. Certificate Level (II) – Intermediate
iii. Professional Certificate (I)
iv. Professional Certificate (II)
v. Professional Certificate (III)

3. All members who wish to become facilitators/panelists during the Institute’s annual and/or periodic events should write to the Registrar.

4. All members, interested individuals and artisans wishes to be part of our SKILLED PARTNERS PROGRAMME should visit: https://panafricaninstitute.org/skillfocus.html. The programme is to mobilize, support and enhance businesses, entrepreneurs and business owners in order to provide skill acquisition programmes for young people and women in communities.

5. All our free and paid online/offline courses can be viewed via: https://panafricaninstitute.org/courses.

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