Fellowship Programme

At the heart of Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development is the Award of Fellowship Program, an initiative that has helped cultivate an extraordinary cadre of entrepreneurial leaders.

Fellows are given the space, resources and support needed to run their own enterprise and pursue an independent research agenda. However, unlike traditional faculty positions, the Fellows do not have teaching responsibilities. Fellows are appointed for life with the expectation that they will maintain the set standards and rules of the Institute.

Our desire is to see all our members becoming fellows of the Institute. It is the highest status conferred by the Institute and is a measure of the superiority of the holder. To be elected a Fellow you must be considered by our Council to have made a significant contribution in your field, most especially, entrepreneurship, community development, management, and innovation, and to the mandates of the Institute.

To be eligible for Fellowship of the Institute, nominees must hold an advanced professional qualification which includes study of professionalism and ethics. Nominees must also hold Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development status.

Nominees who attained the Institute’s status by completing our Diploma programme or a predecessor qualification will require seven years’ post qualifying experience to be eligible for Fellowship.

Nominees who attained the Institute’s status by recognition of a qualification equivalent to Master Degree will require having ten years’ experience in his/her field.

Like all members, our Fellows demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development and must abide by our Code of Conduct. Fellows are expected to act as role models and mentors for others in the profession, as champions for entrepreneurship, community development, management and innovation professionalism and as ambassadors for the Institute.

There are different categories of Fellowship conferred by our Institute. They include:

  • Grand Fellow (gfpai)
  • Research Fellow (rfpai)
  • Senior Associate Fellow (sfpai)
  • Associate Fellow (afpai)
  • Fellow (fpai)


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