Community Development Course

This course is designed for interested individuals to develop a basic understanding of basic values, principles and methods of community development and how they may be applied within their own work setting. Specific community development applications and methods, such as community asset mapping, will be explored. Appropriate roles of practitioners in collaborating with other organizations to work on broad community issues will be considered, along with factors that contribute to the success of community partnerships and coalitions. The course includes readings, exercises, case studies and resources for further information. This course will help you to become an informed participant or perhaps even a leader in community development initiatives in your community.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will have gained knowledge and skills in the following areas: community development values, concepts and practice, and how it differs from community outreach and community-based programs; community asset mapping; aligning services with community priorities and values; success factors in community partnerships and collaborations and overview of the organization of the course content

Certificate of Completion

Throughout the course, you will be prompted to test your understanding of terms and concepts. When you have completed the course, you will take the certificate examination as appropriate.

If you pass the exam, you will earn the Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development’s Diploma OR Professional Certificate in Community Development

How to Apply

Application fee of N3000:00 (non-refundable) payable to the Institute's Bank Account:

Account Name: Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development

GTB Plc: 014 - 145 - 7452

Course Fees

For Members: N25,000:00

Non-Members: N35,000:00

For Members: N40,000:00

Non-Members: N50,000:00

For Members only: N30,000:00