The Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme is an initiative to support the Federal Government's efforts and policy measures for the promotion of agricultural businesses and small/medium enterprises (SMEs) as vehicles for sustainable economic development and employment generation


Step 1 - Get Trained
Attend a compulsory training with a CBN certified Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC).

Step 2 - Apply For Loan
The Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) guides and assists you in getting all necessary documents required to secure the loan

Step 3 - Receive Funds
Loans are paid into the account of beneficiaries. Unqualified candidates are given feedback.

Step 4 - Get Business Support Services
The Entrepreneurship Development Institute assists you to implement business plan and provide business support services commercially.

Step 5 - Make Sales
Sell products and services to pay back loan and make profit.

Step 6 - Repay Loan
Run your business, keep proper records, monitor sales and expenses to maximize profit and pay back the loan.

For more information
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