Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship & Community Development (ECDI)

Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development (ECDI) is an Institute in Special Consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and Member, United Nations Habitat Partner University Initiative.

ECDI is an Africa’s leading professional organization for entrepreneurs, people who work in the public service, business enterprises, public and private sectors of the economy, community development, and local administrative system. It is for those who desire to do socially positive work in the context of business and who subscribe to high moral standards.

It is our belief that enterprise is not just about making money in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary. Therefore, Pan African Institute is concerned with the creative possibility of individuals who want to give profitable value to their particular field of endeavour and improve community conditions.

The Institute, a Company Limited by Guarantee is an independent membership based, professional organization approved in Nigeria by the Federal Ministry of Education, incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) RC 1154329 and legally guaranteed by the Federal Ministry of Justice to professionalize entrepreneurial development, community development, management and innovative practices. It is out to promote opportunities for its members in order to gain expertise to improve their social and economic conditions.

As part of its mandates, ECDI also aims to provide entrepreneurs and enterprise researchers in all disciplines with avenues for interaction, education, support and enhanced access to technology, resources, partners and services essential to the creation of successful enterprises.

Since entrepreneurs are critical drivers of job creation and economic prosperity leading to community development, the organisation shall help equip them with the creative ideas, skills and spirits needed to start and organize commercial enterprises in all sectors of the society and generate wealth for personal improvement, social innovation and economic growth.

Our Vision

Tactfully and pragmatically assist entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens across Africa in creating their own opportunities, best practices and resources for personal improvement, social growth and economic development.

Our Mission

To promote advanced knowledge, training, practice, research and support in the fields of entrepreneurship, management and development across diverse spheres by stimulating creative ideas, techniques or opportunities for sustainable communities.

Our Value

We value the complex uniqueness and the incalculable power of each individual to change the destiny of the collective.