Corporate Responsibility for Social Values

For Young Entrepreneur and Developer

Youngsterpreneurs are comprehensive training at free or no cost for teens, students and youths between the ages of 14 and 19 who are passionate about becoming entrepreneurs, managers and community developers.

For Young Women and Adults

Enterprise Camps are programmes designed for young women who need access to seed capital. It also caters for at-risk youths and out-of-school youths to help them fulfill their academic pursuits up to degree level.

Entrepreneur Week

Organize Creative Entrepreneursí week periodically for small business owners, trade groups and community associations.


Organize Think-to-Reality Game (TRG) for interested individuals who want to improve on existing invention or bring out new ones. To bring out new invention, you must first of all identify a problem.

Teachers' Idea Camp

Teachers' Idea Camps designed for elementary and post-elementary teachers to transform teaching into a creative process.

Free Internet Library

The Institute will establish free Internet Library Centres in strategic areas for citizens and communities to access information to improve their products or services and also to market their ideas.

Community Service & Projects

We support non-profit organizations and have established partnership with Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation, Youth Alliance on ICT for Development and Youth Crime Watch of Nigeria to help vulnerable groups and citizens.