Governing Council

The highest decision making body of our Institute is the Governing Council with responsibility of making strategic policies and principles for the running of the Institute drawing its authority from the Instituteís constitution subject to the approval, amendment or refusal of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Our Advisory Council members are men and women of high integrity which will draw from all sectors of the society; they are the spark plugs of the Institute:

1. Prof. Elijah O. Baiyeri, gfpai - Chair, Governing Council
2. Mr. Ismaila M. Salisu, fpai - Vice-President
3. Mr. Demola Bakare, fpai - Director/Member
4. Mr. Oludare Afeni, fpai - Director/Member
5. Ms. Bukola Adeleye, fpai - Secretary/Member
6. Mr. Olasupo Odeleye - Director/Member
7. Prof. Javier C. Ruano, sfpai - Chief Technical Advisor

Honourary President

The decision to confer the honorary awards must be made by the Governing Council after a careful review of the individualís great potential for success, outstanding achievements, leadership qualities, integrity and transparency demonstrated in his/her academics, business, and leadership assignments.

This individual must possess the ability to not only represent the Institute but also act in an advisory capacity for the growth and development of all stakeholders. As an Institute, we need people of proven integrity and transparency as our Honourary President.

The conferment of the awards seeks to publicly celebrate excellence, exceptional accomplishment and a salute to positive personal character, industry and honour for a career achievements of individual whose performance have significant positive impact on the society. The award is honorary, and as such commands great respect and admiration as it is the highest honour of the Institute.

There is no work obligation associated with these awards. The only stipulation is that such personality advance the good cause of the Institute and always pursue the mandate of the institute to the best of his/her abilities.

The President of the Institute will soon be announced.