Apprenticeships & Vocational Training

Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development offer a wide range of vocational and technical trainings as well as all-inclusive array of apprenticeships. Interested applicants must be a member of the Institute and must possess requisite qualifications matching his/her area of training.


1. Get Skilled, Get Educated, Be Professionally Certified

2. Access to world-class information

3. Learn beyond certification in your field

4. Opportunity to become a professional member of the institute (Double Honours)

5. Opportunity to become Accredited Skilled Partner

6. Instant jobs with reputable private and public institutions after training

7.Increase in income while others work for you

8. And many more

Entry Requirements

School Leaving Certificate/JSCE
- entry qualification for professional certificate courses

- entry qualification for professional diploma courses

- entry qualification for certified professional and advanced diploma courses